The New CD is Here!!! 

I absolutely love all of the songs on the new CD and the way they turned out.  What I really need is a group of people to listen to all of the tracks and tell me which are thier favorites.  If you are interested in reviewing this for me, let me know and I'll get you a FREE copy or a FREE download card!

Now or Never 

Every first of  the year I love listening to my song Now or Never and remind myself of the most important goals in my life.

Here are the lyrics and a home made lyric video!  Hope it inspires you!

Now or Never

Morning breaks, another day, today we start the new year
here we go, once again, every year's the same
we start out with goal setting, dreams anticipating
in a week or two, go back to the same

It's now or never, each year you get older
don't wait forever, this lifetime you keep
it's now or never, when you look back andit's over
you'll regret all the chances you didn't take

you've been waiting for, the perfect times
no  worries, stars alligned, every day you wait, your dreams start to fade
you can always rationalize, the price you'll pay disrupt your life
while you wait and watch, go closer to your grave


If you like where you're at that's fine
if not, now's the time
there's no one else to blame
get ready, get ready for the ride and the time of your...


Happy New Year Everyon!


This Song Reminds me of 911 

Checkout the lyrics to this song I wrote about 15 years before 911 called "Wrong or Right".  When I wrote the song I was thinking of a fictional war, but when you read the lyrics, it has a familiar sense to them.  We just finished recording this song.  It really rocks!

But you'll have to wait til the next CD launch to hear it!

Wrong or Right

They didn't stand for reason, they didn't stand for right.
It wasn't a question of their freedom nor question of their rights
they left it up to leaders who couldn't see the light
blinded by their egos, they watched each other die

there was no wrong or right
it was a question of their might
no wrong or right
yet they all paid the price
no wring of right
it was a question of their pride
no wrong or right
no wring or right

testing each other for ages it was matter of the time
that the missiles they've been building would all be set in flight
a senseless cause of terror, the world was in fright
the day that they had feared, had just come to life




Look forward to sharing this song with you soon!


Working on the Next EP 

We started working on the new 6 song EP called "Never too Late" a few months ago and have completed 2 songs already.  This time we are going for a blended East-West sound in the pop genre. 

The first song "Your Eyes" is a nice ballad and is sounding great.  The second songs is a remake from an old band song called "Prisoner of Love" with totally new musical structure and also is sounding great.    This time we are working on one song at a time and just enjoying the process of creativity and having a lot of fun!

We went Live on itunes Yesterday! 

You can now officially download RJs full Carpe Diem CD on itunes as September 7th, 2010!  We are still waiting for the pressed CD copies for another couple weeks, but the music is out there in cyberspace for the world to listen and download.  Very exciting day for me.  Also planning a CD launch party of some sort.  Still trying to work out the details.  Stay tuned!

Mastering is done! 

I just got back the mastered copy back this week.  We got our mastering done thru Richard Dodd in Nashville.  Richard did a fabulous job!  He has also done mastering for Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers, Martina McBride, Dixie Chicks and many, many more.   My sincerest thanks to him! 

Shan Wallace is finishing up the CD insert with lyrics and we should be ready to send it off to get copies printed by next week.  We also hope to have the digital copy on itunes by end of next week too! 

This is really exciting for me.  Can't wait to share my songs with you!


When is my "CD Baby" due? 

I met with Dr. Jered and Dr. Hector last night and asked them when are you going to deliver my CD-Baby?  Our expected date for final remix date is Aug. 3rd.  That is when they will have the new mix for me to listen to.  Once, that is done, we may have small revisions, then comes the masterning.  So... basically, we could be looking at Sept. before it is ready to be complete.  I guess it is going to take full year for the term of this project. 

Oh well... it's not like I have pressing deadlines.  But it will be nice to have completed a project that has been on my "to-do" list for such a long time.

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