I was born in Mumbai, India and have been raised in the U. S. for the majority of my life.  My main professions is an insurance agent and a financial planner.  I was also one of the co-founders and president of Khabar magazine, which is a popular magazine for the Indian American community in Georgia and surrounding areas.  You can learn more about Khabar at www.Khabar.com

I sold the shares to the magazine to my business partners in the 2013 but have been hosting the moneywise section in the magazine since its inception. My financial services business is called Shalin Financial Services, Inc which was named after my oldest son Shalin, which mean modest or humble.  

Our specialties include insurance, investments, financial planning and employee benefits.  You can learn more about my business at www.ShalinFinancial.com and also subscribe to my email newsletters.

Most recently, to commemorate my 25 years in the financial services, I wrote a book called "The Money Talk- Retirement & Estate Planning for Indian Americans".  I wanted to focus on the Indian American community in the U. S. because its the primary community I have had the opportunity to work with for the last 25 years.  The Money Talk is available on Amazon and other online retailers and you can find out more about my book at www.RajeshJyotishi.com.
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